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Our favourite restaurants.

In the years we live here we visit several restaurants regularly. And of course eating and drinking is one of the most favourite pastimes in France. It is one of the reasons we came to France. To help you choose a good, pleasant and enjoyable restaurant in this region I made a list for you with the restaurants we like the most. I made a Top 3 and a list of a number of good restaurants where you can eat very well and where the atmosphere is French and cosy. We prefer the restaurants where we meet the “locals” and no restaurants where it is packed with tourists.

In France the main dish is the lunch. We learned to like it the best as well. All restaurants in our list offer a dish of the day (a “Plat du jour”) and offer it for a very reasonable price. So that is a reason you find many people at lunchtime. It is advisable to make a reservation at about 11AM.

With some restaurants we made a deal. Show the personel our business card and eat at least a dish of the day or ther menu you will get a surprise.

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Our favorite

Le Café Kanter

31 Boulevard Albert 1

06600 Antibes

From the moment we live in Antibes (2005) this restaurant is our most favourite restaurant.  Always good quality food and always a friendly service. And always a full restaurant with “locals” and business men and women. This restaurant has a class appearance, a joy to eat there. The two sisters and the chef work there for a really long time and this shows the good quality of this restaurant.

The beautiful and always tasteful dish of the day is a main dish and a desert. And because of this desert you have to visit this restaurant. The deserts are famous all over the world. I advice to order a “Millefeuille”or a “Poire pochet” and you will enjoy it very much.

(Business card to Jessica)

Number 2:

Bistro Theatro

577 Av Jules Grec

06600 Antibes

A cosy restaurant in our quarter with an unexpected very good kitchen. A very friendly owner and staff gives you a very pleasant afternoon or evening. You can find the dish of the day on Facebook and you can make a reservation also on this site. Not always open in the evening outside the season so check the page!!


Number 3:

The Golden Beef

1 Avenue General Maiziere

06600 Antibes

A real Steakhouse with beef from different countries and a quality above the average. A restaurant with its own style and friendliness. During the summer it is very good on the terrace outside.


The rest of this list I did not want to make it a Top 10. They are all very good and pleasant and each of them has his specialty. So I list them alphabetically.


849 Route de Nice

06600 Antibes

An “arbalete” is a crossbow. That is why this restaurant has details from the middle ages. A nice local restaurant, not far from the apartment, good to walk. Pizza and grill menus are the main dishes.

(Business card)


Blue Pearl

1523, Av de la Batterie

06270Villeneuf Loubet

Your vacation on the Cote d’Azur is not complete with a lunch or dinner with a beautiful sea view. This restaurant in Villeneuve Loubet has two faces. One side you have the sea view and you will find an African looking garden in the garden. Good food and a friendly service. 


Café Brun

44 imp St Sébastien

06410  Biot

Then we have le Café Brun in Biot. Hidden in a small impasse, on the entrance of the village, you can find it. But what a joy. The owner is French and he is married to an English lady. It is the only restaurant where you can eat some Indonesian food like “Loempia’s” and “Saté”. In the high season you eat outside on the terrace or you can eat inside as well. You can enjoy the very good local food and sometimes there is also live Music. 

(Business card).


Jazz Plage

Boulevard Charles Guillaumont

06160 Juan-Les-Pins

At this restaurant in Juan les Pins you can eat out with your feet in the sand or on the terrace. But you always have a splendid sea view. A real beach restaurant where you can rent a parasol or matras if you want to stay a morning of an afternoon. Good ambiance, good Music and a friendly face makes your afternoon unforgettable. What about a drink at sunset ??



7 Rampart Ouest

St Paul de Vence

This restaurant was on Dutch TV in 2015 to help the owners to survive. The TV chef Herman den Blijker gave them a series of advices and since then the restaurant is a success again. Many Dutch people come to see the restaurant and speak to the Dutch owner. The husband is French. But the quality of the food speaks for itself. A treat when you are in Saint Paul de Vence.

(Business Card)


8 rue du docteur rostan

06600 Antibes

In the old town of Antibes you find, a bit hidden, Restaurant Oscar's. It is an italian - French restaurant, very classy but a bit old fashionned, but with a menu that is very tastefull and special. All hand made in their own kitchen. Please pay attention to the many pieces of art on the walls.

Please make a reservation.

Le Picolo

30 Rue St Sebastien

06410  Biot

Again in Biot, in the middle of the village on the main square you find the terrace from this restaurant. Very nice spot, sunny terrace, good food, nice atmosphere end a good place to spot the visitors in this beautiful old town.


Le Pin Parasol

5 Traverse du 24 Aout

06600  Antibes

In the old town of Antibes we recently discovered this small restaurant. But we are sorry not having it discovered earlier. The owners are a married couple and the chef prepares beautiful and tasteful food. All made from local products. Making reservations is a must.

Le Vauban

7 Bis Rue Thuret

06600 Antibes

A very good restaurant in the center of Antibes. The Dutch chef and his French wife welcome you personnaly every time you visit. The chef serves very special menu, a surpise menu. ou tell what you absolutely do not like and the chef prepairs a very good menu for you with different glasses of wine.It is a surprise because the chef does not tell you what you order, untill it is sewrved at your table. Really every time it is different.

Of course there is also a menu a la carte. Please make a reservation.


53 Blv Beau Rivage

06600  Antibes


A Moroccan restaurant in our quarters and in France you do not find very often. But we have a good one nearby to the apartmentsC:HolidayAntibesWebsite_V7 A real Moroccan owner started his business after a long time working in another town. He has a lot of experience and it shows. The restaurant has Eastern details. A lot of locals visit this restaurant daily.