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Rental conditions:

Holiday in Antibes does its utmost to make your stay a success and tries to provide the best service possible. We guide your entire vacation from the booking to the final settlement. An e-mail is usually answered within 24 hours (on working days). If you have questions or concerns before, during or after your holiday we are always there for you to solve your questions or concerns. We rent out apartments, penthouses, studios and villas direct from owners, living in different countries and we work closely with the owners. On this page you will find some conditions to those which apply to all apartments. There may also be additional conditions per apartment, studio, penthouse or villa. These can be found in the booking details and / or in the holiday home.

The Lowest Price Guaranteed:

Holiday in Antibes guarantees to offer all apartments at the lowest price. If you find a lower price for the same apartment, penthouse, studio or villa in the same period at the same conditions elsewhere we guarantee to refund the price difference. The warranty applies to normal rent per day or per week, special offers or special conditions excluded.

Article 1 General

1. These general conditions apply to all bookings with Holiday in Antibes. If and in so far as different conditions apply for bookings of a certain property, this will be stated in that relevant property and that different conditions prevail.
2 The tenant must realize that Holiday in Antibes rents out properties of private third parties (hereinafter "the owner") and renters must be set accordingly in all cases and behave accordingly.
3. Under the rental / the holiday home is meant the apartment, studio, penthouse or villa, with garden or balcony, including inventory as written and specified on the website. In some cases there are certain areas, such as garages or private rooms / closets closed to the tenant. This is explained in the information or on the arrival day.
4. The tenant is the person who rents a property with Holiday in Antibes or their substitutes who act in their behalf. The substitute gives any proof that he acts in the name of the tenant.

Article 2: Booking and payment
1. The rental agreement is confirmed as soon as the booking form and a copy of the passport of the tenant are received (via internet / e-mail, fax or mail) by Holiday in Antibes under the condition that the owner - for whatever reason – states that rent is not possible in that period. If and in so far as this condition precedent is invoked by Holiday in Antibes and the tenant suffers damage, Holiday in Antibes cannot be held responsible for these, unless the damage is the result of intent or deliberate recklessness of Holiday in Antibes.

2. Reservations can start and / or end every day of the week.
3. Quoted rents are payable per week, unless stated or agreed otherwise. If the reservation lasts one or more days longer than one week these extra days can be calculated the daily prices as listed on the website.
4. Within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation Holiday in Antibes should receive from the tenant a deposit of 25% of the full invoice amount, unless Holiday in Antibes and the tenant agree otherwise.
5. The remaining 75% of the invoice is due to be paid at the latest one month before the day of arrival in the bank account of Holiday in Antibes unless Holiday in Antibes and the tenant agree otherwise.

6. When a booking is confirmed less than one calendar month before the date of arrival the full amount on the invoice is due to be paid (by wire transfer) in the bank account of Holiday in  Antibes.
7. If the payment has been received too late the tenant is automatically negligent. Holiday in Antibes then sends a written notice. If the amount has not been received within 7 days after the date of this notice the contract is supposed to be cancelled. In this case Holiday in Antibes is entitled to charge the tenant within the conditions as described as in Article 5 of these conditions.
8. The full invoice has to be paid in the account of Holiday in Antibes before the tenant will receive any further information or the keys of the property.
9. After full payment of the invoice amount, the tenant receives the travel documents with the address of the property, the route and the way we will welcome you on the day of arrival.
10. The fully paid invoice amount remains in the account of Holiday in Antibes until we balanced your invoice after your stay and returned the damage deposit. We hereby guarantee that we can handle a cancellation.
11. If a payment has been received too late and if you want to continue the booking, the invoice amount is (set by the European Commission) raised with the amount of € 40.00 minimum administration fees.

Article 3: Changes by tenant
1. If the tenant wishes to change the rental agreement, it requires the written permission of Holiday in Antibes. It is not allowed to change under any circumstances within the period of one calendar month prior to the arrival date. Any change in a booking already made and confirmed by Holiday in Antibes will be charges with an amount of € 75.00 to be paid before the tenant  can enter the property.
2. If the tenant wishes to cancel with a valid reason, the tenant can invite another group to replace the tenant. The tenant can use the booking with the same number of people as in the original booking and this group uses the same conditions. The tenant informs Holiday in Antibes with these changes and the tenant stays responsible for the booking and payments.
3. If we are capable of renting out the property we can refund the rent, cleaning and security deposit minus the (extra) administration costs.
4. The Administration costs are a minimum of € 75.00.
5. If the tenant's reservation changes within one calendar month before the arrival date the cancellation provisions of Article 5 shall apply.

Article 4: Changes by Holiday in Antibes
1. Holiday in Antibes is entitled due to grave circumstances to change the agreement in every case Holiday in Antibes cannot be held responsible reasonably to hold the booking for reasons as the sale of the rented house as well as changing force majeure, war, strike, natural disaster, extreme weather conditions, death of the owner. In such a case, Holiday in Antibes tries to offer the tenant another property of similar quality and price in the management of Holiday in Antibes.  If no other similar property can be offered, the rental fee already paid will be refunded. Liability for any other / additional and / or delay damages is not accepted by Holiday in Antibes unless the damage is the result of intentional and / or deliberate recklessness of Holiday in Antibes.

Article 5: Cancel by tenant
1. If the tenant wishes to cancel the agreement in addition to the booking fees, cancellation fees will be charged, which the amount of the rent and the original invoice will not exceed.
2. The tenant must cancel during office hours. If after office hours is cancelled, the cancellation shall be deemed to have been made on the next working day (Monday / Friday not included national holidays).
3. Holiday in Antibes is entitled to cancel the reservation if the tenant does not follow these terms and conditions.

4. If the tenant has an insurance Holiday in Antibes follows in most cases the decision of the travel insurance.

5. If the tenant has insurance the tenants sends us an official and original form of the insurance company that proofs that the assurance company accepts the cancellation and compensates in whole or partly the invoice accompanied by a proof of the tenant that the amount stated in the letter has been received in the account of the tenant.
6. If the tenant has insurance and the tenant cancel’s before the period of one calendar month before the arrival date, the tenant owes an amount of 25% of the total rent.
7. If the tenant has insurance the tenant owes the full amount of the invoice if the cancellations are made within the period of one calendar month before the arrival date.

8. If the tenant has an insurance Holiday in Antibes compensates in whole or partly the maximum amount of the cleaning fees, the damage deposit and the tourist tax. The compensation will never be more than the paid amount minus the compensation received by the insurance company.

9. If the tenant has an insurance but also if there is no insurance and the tenant wishes to cancel the booking with a valid reason the tenant is allowed to switch the booking to another group, with the same number of people. The tenant pays the administration fees for this change in the booking.

10. If the insurance company refuses the cancelling Holiday in Antibes also is not required to compensate.

11. In case of premature termination of the stay, the full rent and costs are due.

12 The amount of the administration fee is set to € 75.00 plus the damage that comes to Holiday in Antibes for this cancellation.

Article 6: Additional costs
1. The rental includes the cost of normal use of water and electricity unless otherwise stated. In special cases that the tenant can use a heating for the swimming pool or an air conditioning, an extra charge can be asked.
2. The rent includes the rent of one set of bed linen and towels as given on the date of arrival. Sea towels are not provided.

Article 7: Arrival and departure
1. The arrival starts on the day of arrival after 4PM. The departure time on the day of departure is before 10AM.
2. The tenant should always call Holiday in Antibes to report the estimated time of arrival on the day of arrival before 2PM.
3. An arrival after 9PM is not possible. In some cases arrival after 9PM is possible if an additional fee is paid of € 100.00. An arrival after midnight is not possible. Holiday in Antibes is not liable for any damages whatsoever if arrival after 9PM is not possible.

Article 8: Number of persons
1. The number of persons stated in the bookings form must not be exceeded, unless agreed otherwise in writing and confirmed by Holiday in Antibes. Holiday in Antibes is entitled to charge additional costs If, without the permission of Holiday in Antibes, more people are in the rented accommodation or stay, overnight camping on its land than agreed. The tenant automatically becomes in default in respect of contractual obligations and is liable for damages.
2. Holiday in Antibes and tenant agree due to violation as stated in paragraph 1 that the tenant is due to pay for any damage. This provision is a penalty clause and is subject to the right of Holiday in Antibes to invoice (additional) damages of any kind.

Article 9: Cleaning
1. In all cases the mandatory of a final cleaning at an additional cost is listed. In the event that the tenant pays a fee for the final cleaning, the tenant must leave the property tidy (beds unmade and all washing in the bathroom on the floor), the kitchen cleaned (dishwasher and refrigerator empty, trash removed) and clean.
2. Holiday in Antibes shall be entitled to hold (a portion of) the deposit as additional cleaning is needed by failing due to the tenant as stated in paragraph 1.

Article 10: Deposit
1. All owners who rent out their property with Holiday in Antibes make it a condition that the tenant complies to pay in advance a deposit mentioned on the website and in the invoice. This is a security for owners for any damage or additional costs caused by the tenant (eg cleaning, charges for breakage, damage, and stay more than the number of persons, serious noise, or other violations of the terms of the rental conditions etc).

2. We try to keep the damage deposit as low as possible. Therefore it is possible that we ask an extra deposit on extra wishes. We always mention it on the website an in our invoice.

3. If there is any damage or breakage during your stay, you inform Holiday in Antibes immediately by e-mail or SMS but at the latest on departure. All damage not reported to Holiday in Antibes on the date of departure will be the responsibility of the tenant.
4. After the final inspection (after the cleaning and the laundry is done), and after all telephone / internet bills are received to see if there has been consumption by the tenant the deposit will be returned in every case there is no damage.
5. After the rental period, the deposit will be returned after no more than six weeks
6. If there is any damage Holiday in Antibes contacts the tenant to discuss the next steps to follow.
7. The tenant fills in the IBAN and BIC number on the reservation form to return the deposit. If the tenant fails to do this, Holiday in Antibes will take no action to return the deposit. The tenant will have no claim on damage of any kind when the deposit cannot be returned and Holiday in Antibes sees this as a failure of the tenant.

Article 11: Swimming Pools
1. Pools are open usually from mid-May to late September. Exceptions are possible in which Holiday in Antibes is not liable for any damages resulting.
2. Children under 12 may enter the pool only under adult supervision.
3. All pools in France must be secured with a fence, lockable deck or alarm system (if the alarm is on and there is a child fallen in the pool then the alarm goes off). The owner (not Holiday in Antibes) is responsible for applying the appropriate security.
4. Tenant must check the operation of the security on arrival and inform Holiday in Antibes on any damage in the security. Accidents resulting from the fact that the tenant makes the security inoperative are the full responsibility of the tenant. The security should never be separated from the supervision of parents for their children as a substitute; Holiday in Antibes is never responsible for accidents in swimming pools.
5. The tenant is not permitted to manipulate the technical installation of the pool. If there are problems with the pool (eg pool is green, sewage and heating not working properly) the tenant notifies Holiday in Antibes by email or SMS.
6. If additional rules are written inside a residence, the tenant is obliged to keep these rules and follow them unreservedly. The instructions of one of the members of the Conseil Syndical or Syndic within this residence must in all cases be respected and followed.

Article 12. Pets
1. Bringing pets to the property is only allowed if this is granted by the owner and confirmed in writing by Holiday in Antibes. The owner may request an additional fee for bringing a pet. The tenant finds this extra fee in his invoice and / or on the website.
2. In all other cases, pets are not allowed and the tenant may subsequently be charged a penalty of up to the total of the deposit. Additionally Holiday in Antibes has the right to charge you for additional damages of any kind.
3. If pets are allowed as stated in paragraph 1, the tenant is liable for any damage caused by brought pets. Tenant must ensure that brought pets are not allowed in bedrooms and swimming pools. Within a residence and in the garden, the pet are always be leashed.

Article 13: Other
1. It is not allowed to smoke in the rented properties. Ashtrays present are intended for outdoor use only in the rented property.
2. On departure day the tenant is considered to transport the garbage, bottles, paper, etc. to the garbage bin and clean the barbecue. The dishwasher and refrigerator should be emptied.
3. As far as internal rules in the home are present, the tenant will follow these without any hesitation and no exception. Usually there is a copy of the rules and procedures available in the apartment.
4. Tenant (s) that causes hindrance or nuisance in any case that normal living in a residence or apartment is blocked or not possible can be removed or excluded from the holiday home and / or the residence by Holiday in Antibes. It cannot be reasonably expected from Holiday in Antibes to fulfil the contract. All resulting additional costs are for the tenant (s), if and insofar as the effects of the nuisance it can be attributed to the tenant(s).

5. If noise is caused by the tenant and Holiday in Antibes or the owner will receive complaints from local residents, Holiday in Antibes will inform the tenant by email or SMS immediately.  Tenant will adjust his behaviour immediately. In continuation of the noise a fine can be calculated afterwards up to the full content of the deposit.
6. You are in France and the French have often other habits than you are used to at home. For example, the French go to bed early (around 22:00) and get up early (sometimes at 05AM). It should be silent on your terrace or apartment. Be aware that noise carries far and loud.

7. It is in France "not done" to hang anything over the fence. In some residences there are even fines if you do so. Of course, we balance these fines with your damage deposit. It is in France not obvious that the French speak another language. The French speak French. You, as a guest in this country, need to adjust to that.
8. We can offer you a cot on request. The cot has a mattress, luxury service platform and storage compartments. The bed is suitable for children up to one year or a maximum weight of 15 Kg. The sheets and blankets you need to bring yourself. You can book this cot with your booking. (rental not included).

Article 14: Indemnification
1. Holiday in Antibes cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the tenant during his stay. If the owner holds Holiday in Antibes responsible for this damage the tenant indemnify Holiday in Antibes for these obligations in any possible way.
2. If any damage occurs in other cases than written in paragraph 1 of this article by third parties and is liable during the stay of the tenant in the apartment and in what context Holiday in Antibes is liable, indemnify the tenant Holiday in Antibes for these obligations.

Article 15: Liability
1. Holiday in Antibes accepts - except a case of intent or gross negligence on Holiday in Antibes - no liability for damages (of any kind) by the tenant suffered as a result of and / or related to his stay in the house.
2. If for any reason whatsoever Holiday in Antibes itself causes damages, limits the amount of compensation payable up to the amount of the rent.
3. Holiday in Antibes never accepts liability for photographs, brochures and other information provided under the responsibility of third parties, obvious errors or mistakes on this or other websites or other notices or publications.
4. The tenant is pointed out that damage to a holiday home is the responsibility of the tenant, unless the contrary is proved. Holiday in Antibes hereby stipulates for the owner that the tenant is held to pay for all damage - as a result of loss or theft - created to compensate the owner of the house.
5. Holiday in Antibes is not liable for damages resulting from defects in the rented property or inconveniences spot, unless such defects or inconveniences are such that the essentials of the lease concern in which case the damage is limited to the amount of the rent.
6. Construction activities in the vicinity of the rented accommodation are not always known

by Holiday in Antibes. Holiday in Antibes can accept no liability for activities in the area of any kind.

Article 16: Interest and collection costs
If the tenant does not fulfil any financial obligation to Holiday in Antibes is required to pay on the amount of the invoice an additional interest of 1% for each month or part of a month plus an amount of € 40.00 due to the rules of the European Committee. The tenant is also obliged to pay all extrajudicial collection costs to a minimum of € 50, =.

Article 17: Complaints
1. For questions, concerns or complaints about the rented accommodation the tenant should always immediately and directly contact Holiday in Antibes. If Holiday in Antibes does not resolve the complaint satisfactorily within reasonable time, the tenant informs Holiday in Antibes within 24 hours and during the stay in writing. If the complaint is still not to be answered, should the tenant complain in writing within two weeks after the departure date to Holiday in Antibes stating all relevant information and be accompanied by evidence in the form of witness statements and / or photos.

2. If the tenant does not comply with the term and conditions set out in paragraph 1 of this article, the tenant loses his right to compensation, if already exists any right to compensation.
3. Early departures (without prior consultation and written confirmation by Holiday in Antibes) from the rented house by the tenant, remains that the total rent is due and releases Holiday Antibes in any form of compensation.

We wish you a very pleasant stay with Holiday in Antibes.


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