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On this page you can check in for your apartment online. We ask you urgently to notice us before 2PM on the day of arrival.

Please note: We prepare the apartment for you on the arrival day but we do not live in the residences.

It is possible that more than one apartment has to be prepared that day.

If you arrive too early or too late without giving us a note we might not be there in time for you. So please inform us on any change as soon as possible.

Please remember to turn ON your roaming to receive and sent messages abroad and please only use  text or e-mail (we do not receive any other medium).

Please fill in the form completely to benifit this service and use the extra info if you have special wishes.

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If you do not have a confirmation from me one hour before your arrival, something has gone wrong. Please contact or text me urgently at +33 678 34 00 14 or email me on

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